'Soul Superfood' recipe ebook

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Hi and welcome to the space where we are all about soul lovin’ and all things fun and energetic within the body, mind, soul and spirit!
Soul Superfood is an online recipe book I have put together which includes a majority of superfoods. Easy to make, fresh and fabulous ingredients, perfect for those on-the-run and time poor. Meals are great to have as a family, perfect for everyone! Soul Superfood includes a variety of recipes which are a mixture of healthy morning and afternoon tea ideas, lunches, dinners and superfood smoothies! 
So why cooking? Why food, nutrition, superfoods, I hear you ask? Because it’s SOULFOOD. It’s what my soul has allowed me to do. It’s the path destined for all capability. Living in alignment with my soul, my true purpose, I feel think, connect and breathe my existence, completely through my soul. My mission is to impact many lives helping people make the right choices aligned to their needs and wants, educate around eating for nutrition, break-free from the unhealthy laws of limited existence and live a happy, healthy life with complete emotional freedom.
Everyone has a story to share and I’m so excited to share mine with you as you embark on your journey. For now, enjoy these amazing recipes loaded with superfoods and optimal nutrition for the body, mind, soul and spirit.
Big hugs,